About Us

Cyprus Institute of Law pioneers in upgrading the industrial legal world via the provision of an unprecedented sector of knowledge specifically targeted, amongst other, in advancing the skills of qualified lawyers, in innovatively upgrading the position of a secretary in a Legal Firm to an acknowledged Legal Assistant uniquely positioned in the Secretarial World as a Specialized Legal Assistant whose skills and knowledge are of a different nature and level from an office secretary and advanced legal and compliance seminars to professionals.

CIL’s entire spectrum of academic knowledge is offered based upon the principles of enhancing individual knowledge and promoting our Participants’ evolution within the parameters of their professional life. Our line of thinking is to equip our Participants to think and act in a non-conventional, thus innovative manner and always be prepared to combine the right ingredients and compose the necessary strategy in order to achieve the best possible outcome, and thus gain the maximum reward in their line of work always under the spectrum of the provisions of the law.

We aim at successfully equipping our Participants, who wish to excel as lawyers or legal assistants, on an intellectual level, in order to assist them in the rapid evolvement of their skills for an effective handling of their professional duties and tasks as also to facilitate them for the successful seizure of opportunities for a professional future of excellence in the legal world.

Lastly CIL provides a plethora of seminars aiming at alerting the Participants to the core legal and business issues on both a domestic and international level as also to constantly inform them of new legal and business concepts or modified associated principles both on a purely academical basis but also accompanied by the provisions of the necessary practical skills for the pragmatic application of their knowledge in their line of work.



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