For Lawyers

At the Cyprus Institute of Law we offer a range of diplomas, courses and training seminars for the advancement of existing qualified lawyers or individuals who wish to pursue a career or studies in law.

For qualified lawyers we offer the Professional Legal Diploma whereby the individual qualified lawyer is able to advance his/her legal skills based on a highly advanced program that was drafted by Barristers of England and Wales specifically for Cyprus law. You can find more information here: PROFESSIONAL LEGAL COURSE

CIL offers a range of Anti-Money Laundering training and seminars for a range of professionals for a a vast range of industry sectors, including seminars to qualifies lawyers. Our AML seminars are recognized and approved by the Cyprus Bar Association. Upon completion the individuals obtain certificates of completion as required by the Cyprus Bar Association. You can obtain more information here: AML

At CIL we offer a range of ad-hoc seminars and training workshops on different areas of law and other areas of legal development. For a list of the available seminars please click here: SEMINARS/EVENTS

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