Legal Assistants Courses

Legal Assistant Course Diploma

Cyprus Institute of Law offers the Legal Assistants Course (“LAC”) diploma course which aims at providing a specialized training and targeted education to individuals who wish to be employed as Lawyers’ Assistants in Law Firms or Secretaries who are already employed by Law Firms but wish to enrich and enhance their knowledge in their specific line of work and associated duties.

The LAC Course is categorized into three levels. Participants can choose to follow their path and complete all Levels. Otherwise they can simply maintain at their own level as they wish.

The levels are the following:

LAC Level 1

  • Legal Terminology
  • Basic Knowledge and Understanding of the Cypriot Judicial System
  • Proper Organization and Productive Functioning of a Law Firm
  • Types of Legal Cases undertaken by a Law Office
  • Organization and constant Update of the hard copy case-files of a Law Firm
  • Basic Legal Documents
  • Types of Court Documents
  • Frequently and Usual letters of a Law Firm-Construction and Understanding of their content
  • Organization, monitoring and update of a Litigation Case
  • Use of Legal Software

LAC Level 2

  • In depth understanding of Legal Terminology
  • In depth Understanding of the Cypriot Judicial System
  • Analysis of Basic Judicial Proceedings
  • Basic actions for the Initiation of Judicial Proceedings-Registrars

LAC Level 3

  • Specialization in specific Court Procedures
  • Supreme Court Matters
  • Initiation of Specialized Court Procedures-Registrars
  • Drafting of Legal Documents
  • Drafting of Court Documents and other Documentation associated with Judicial Proceedings
  • Proceedings associated with Public Authorities

Upon completion of the course the Participant shall acquire the Legal Assistant Course Diploma.

All Courses are instructed in the Greek language. The Courses can also be instructed in the English language according to the  demand which is exhibited in numbers.

Each Level course lasts for three (3) months. The nominee applicants/participants can choose one of the following three (3) month period semesters to complete their course. (subject to availability of vacant positions):

Semester 1. Beginning of September with completion at the end of November.

Semester 2. Beginning of January with completion at the end of March.

Semester 3: Beginning of April until the end of June


Each level has a 12 week duration with a 2 hour teaching class per week which is performed after 18:00 pm.

Fees: The total fees for each each Diploma Course are €495 for the total duration of the three (3) months. The fees are payable in three (3) monthly installments of €165 per month.

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