Professional Legal Course

Diploma in Professional Legal Course

For Graduate and Junior Lawyers:

At the Cyprus Institute of Law we offer a range of diplomas, courses and training seminars for the advancement of graduate and junior lawyers or individuals who wish to pursue a career or studies in law.

For graduate lawyers and /or qualified and/or junior lawyers who have recently concluded their practice and are in the initial stages of their career and wish to gain a deeper and more practical understanding of the judicial aspect we offer the Professional Legal Diploma whereby the individual junior lawyer is able to advance his/her legal skills based on a highly advanced program that was drafted by Barristers of England and Wales specifically for Cyprus law. You can find more information here: PROFESSIONAL LEGAL COURSE

CIL offers a range of Anti-Money Laundering training and seminars for a range of professionals for a a vast range of industry sectors, including seminars to qualifies lawyers. Our AML seminars are recognized and approved by the Cyprus Bar Association. Upon completion the individuals obtain certificates of completion as required by the Cyprus Bar Association. You can obtain more information here: AML

At CIL we offer a range of ad-hoc seminars and training workshops on different areas of law and other areas of legal development. For a list of the available seminars please click here: SEMINARS/EVENTS


Diploma in Professional Legal Course

Cyprus Institute of Law offers one of a kind professional legal course in Cyprus. CIL is the first and only legal institution that provides the Professional Legal Course (“PLC”).

PLC offers a graduate and/or junior lawyer the opportunity to deepen and acquire an enhanced understanding of the practical key aspects of the legal profession , but above all, the litigation aspect , thus enriching his/her knowledge accompanied by a development of the analogous skills , understanding , professionalism and prestigious specialization in order to fully equip them to face the world of litigation.

The PLC has a twelve (12) week duration with a two (2) hour teaching class per week which is always set at after 18:00pm.

PLC includes the following modules:

  • Negotiation
  • Remedies
  • Civil Litigation
  • Opinion Writing
  • Criminal Litigation and Sentencing
  • Professional Conduct
  • Drafting
  • Case Preparation
  • Conference Skills
  • Advocacy
  • Advanced AML Principles
  • Intellectual Property Law



Upon completion of the course the Participant shall acquire the PLC Diploma. The course follows strict England and Wales Bar Association standards of teaching and is based strictly on the Cyprus law.

The Course is instructed in the Greek language. The Course can also be instructed in the English language according to the  demand which is exhibited in numbers.

Time frame: The course lasts for three (3) months. The nominee applicants/participants can choose one of the following three (3) month period semesters to complete their course. (subject to availability of vacant positions):

Semester 1. Beginning of September with completion at the end of November.

Semester 2. Beginning of January with completion at the end of March.

Semester 3: Beginning of April until the end of June

Fees: The total fees for each each Diploma Course are €1.050 for the total duration of the three (3) months. The fees are payable in three (3) monthly installments of €350 per month.

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